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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Kennedy Speaks it True

Sen. Kennedy puts a radical fundamentalist nattering nabob right. Don't let the right-wing radicals taint you with their ugly hatred and intolerance. The great state of Pennsylvania, home to Benjamin Franklin and independence, deserves better representation in the United States Senate than Pipsqueak Ricky.

Kennedy rips Santorum comments
Says senator owes victims apology
By Susan Milligan, Globe Staff
July 14, 2005
Read the full article at boston.com

WASHINGTON -- In a rare personal rebuke of a colleague, Senator Edward M. Kennedy lambasted Senator Rick Santorum from the Senate floor yesterday, demanding an apology for the Pennsylvania Republican's online comments connecting Boston's ''liberalism" to the child sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

''Senator Santorum has shown a deep and callous insensitivity to the victims and their suffering, in an apparent attempt to score political points with some of the most extreme members of the fringe right wing of his party," said Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat and one of the most senior lawmakers in Washington. ''Boston-bashing might be in vogue with some Republicans, but Rick Santorum's statements are beyond the pale."

Kennedy said Santorum ''owes an immediate apology to the tragic, long-suffering victims of sexual abuse and their families in Boston, in Massachusetts, in Pennsylvania, and around this country."

Earlier this week, Santorum stood by comments he made on a Catholic website in 2002 when he said, ''It is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm" of the clergy sexual abuse scandal. In a brief interview with the Globe on Tuesday, Santorum reiterated his view that the ''basic liberal attitude" in Boston fostered an environment where sexual abuse of children could occur.



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