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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Ministry of Truth Chimes In

Misrepresenting free speech, legitimate dissent, humor, and standard-fare politicking as "... being guilty of 'insulting the president' ...", the propaganda machine of the radicals is at it again.

From the Associated Press:
GOP blasts Clinton's 'Mad' jab at Bush
Party brass call her comparison to comic book kid an insult to president
Associated Press
July 12th, 2005

ALBANY, N.Y. - Republicans took aim at Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday for a speech comparing President Bush to Mad magazine's freckle-faced, "What, me worry?" kid, Alfred E. Neuman.

A Republican National Committee official said the former first lady was "part of today's angry and adrift Democrat Party," while a spokesman for one of her potential 2006 Senate rivals said she was guilty of "insulting the president."

"At a time when President Bush and most elected officials are focused on the security of our nation, Mrs. Clinton seems focused on taking partisan jabs and promoting her presidential campaign," said New York's GOP chairman, Stephen Minarik. "Her priorities are clearly out of whack."

Clinton's attack on the president came Sunday during a speech in Colorado.

"I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," Clinton said during the inaugural Aspen Ideas Festival, organized by the Aspen Institute, a nonpartisan think tank.

The former first lady drew a laugh when she described Bush's attitude toward tough issues with Neuman's catch phrase: "What, me worry?"

Don't let the right-wing radicals take away your American values. Shame on these radicals of the right. There is nothing "out of whack" with the Clinton representation. Humor is no crime to be guilty of. And, we have presidents, not royal kings and queens. The Ministry of Truth would seem to want to deny the existence of the words of our Founding Fathers. Tell them otherwise. Block those Memory Holes.

(Alas, MiniTrue's representation of an adrift democratic party is accurate, in my opinion. Get yourselves into shape, dems. For the most part, you embarrass those who would willingly give you their support.)



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