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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Ministry of Truth Reminds You That Karl Rove is a Saint, a Patriot, and a Protector of the Truth and that Wilson is an Evil-Doer Deserving of a Two Minutes Hate

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement On The Partisan Attack On Karl Rove

July 12, 2005
Contact: Tracey Schmitt

"It's disappointing that once again, so many Democrat leaders are taking their political cues from the far-left, Moveon wing of the party. The bottom line is Karl Rove was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise and the Democrats are engaging in blatant partisan political attacks."

-RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

And MiniTrue reminds you that:
"Wilson Tied To The 2004 Kerry Campaign For President."
Need more be said? No. We are the Ministry of Truth. Believe Us ... or else.



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